Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We are OIT, and we love tech.

This week is Public Service Recognition Week, and with this celebration of amazing public sector employees we are kicking off our brand-spanking-new blog -- #StateofCO IT.

Who are we?

We are are the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (“OIT” for short), and we collaborate to provide day-to-day digital support and present smart solutions that transform government through IT. We love this incredible state, and we strive to impact the lives of all Coloradans to create a safer, happier and healthier place of residence.

Who you’ll hear from: The blog writers.

Suma Nallapati: Colorado Secretary of Technology and Chief Information Officer. Colorado lover, business owner, mom, nuclear physics junkie. She’s the boss.
Brenda Berlin: Deputy CIO and Chief Financial Officer. Disneyland aficionado, coat checker, valet (except after an accident), volunteer. She keeps everyone in line and holds the purse strings.
Debbi Blyth: Chief Information Security Officer. Colorado native (almost!), beach lover, deep sea diver, Sunday school teacher. She’s the queen of keeping Colorado safe online.
David McCurdy: Chief Technology Officer. Honey bee keeper, 3D printer enthusiast, dad, football superfan. He’s the tech junkie.
Monica Coughlin: Chief Strategy Officer. Sports enthusiast, volunteer, proud aunt, world traveler. She tells the IT industry why Colorado is the place to be.
William Chumley: Chief Customer Officer. Weekend color guard judge, computer science study, traveler, bookworm. He lives, breathes and sleeps for the customer.
Tauna Lockhart: Chief Communications Officer. Painter extraordinaire, ex-news producer, puppy wrangler. She’s the woman with the answers.
What we want to share with you.
We have a voice, and we want to connect with you. Government tech is evolving and innovating every day, and we want you to know how the State of Colorado is adapting and building a better state for you -- our customers and Colorado residents.

We’ll be blogging once a week on govtech, security tips, tech trends, nerd out moments, things our customers need, and what the Governor thinks. Yep, Governor John Hickenlooper. Really.

How to join the conversation.

We want to hear from you on topics, questions, comments, your favorite tech toy, and more. You will be able to comment on our blog posts and -- as long as you follow our straightforward (we think!) commenting policy -- it will be published within 24 hours.

You can also email us directly at Or, for the traditional folks out there, snail mail us at OIT Blog Editor, Communications Team, 601 E. 18th Ave., Ste. 250, Denver, CO 80203. We love talking; so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get ready. We’re excited!

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