Thursday, September 17, 2015

Colorado Crank: Hitting the Open Road On My Bike

Update - Sunday, Sept. 20: After nearly 2m 15 sec in Nebraska, was great to be back home in #Colorado - and then… DONE! 200 miles in 3 days across Eastern Colorado. Now, music and food time!

Read more on this topic from Brandon and check out his pictures from the ride so far on

Update - Saturday, Sept. 19: ...Talking today with Kelly Kinnie of Kinnie Farms in Julesburg actually opened up an opportunity for the State to help on the technology front. Kelly uses GIS to track and locate his harvesters. Kelly is a Google user. There are no additional cost tools, such as Google Maps, that allow the State to take an active role in education to make Colorado farmers even more productive with easy to use access tools that the State has expertise and support in...

Read more on this topic from Brandon and check out his pictures from the ride so far on

Update - Friday, Sept. 18: Tech won’t make you healthy… but it won’t hurt. As an avid triathlete and, recently, when talking about gearing up for the Pedal the Plains, I am often asked by friends, family and colleagues about training, how to get started and how to keep it up. First thing I always say is that you have to make time and start slow. Some people have a goal of doing an Ironman, others to lose a few pounds or to just feel better.

Technology won’t make you healthy, but today’s world does make it easier to get organized, track your progress and make it easier to balance life, play and work...

Read more on this topic from Brandon and check out his pictures from the ride so far on

Today’s guest blog comes from Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology. Brandon and his team are responsible for supporting nearly 30,000 Colorado state employees using Google Apps for Government.

Tomorrow, I -- and many friends I have yet to meet -- will set out on a three day tent-n-ride adventure for the annual Pedal the Plains tour through eastern Colorado. And I can’t wait.

I can’t wait for a number of reasons. Instead of my normal race-event mindset (I live and breath Ironman) with race plan and nutrition at the forefront, this event is going to be a chance for me to just enjoy riding through beautiful country, see amazing places and experience a part of Colorado I rarely get to enjoy at pace. Food, new towns, people…it should be amazing.

I will be writing and snapping pics along my way to share with you. The event is sponsored by the Governor’s Office and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and as the Director of Google Operations for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, this is a chance for me to view technology in a different light. I want to observe how it plays into not only fitness and sport, but also how it connects us as we ride with the communities and people we serve.

Specifically, I will be looking at the intersections of technology and fitness, the State of Colorado’s first responder communications systems, agriculture technology, and how local, rural communities are leveraging technology for tourism and information purposes. Also being both a history nerd, a person who is fascinated by all things weird, and a food-lover, there will be a lot shared on those fronts, too.

Pedal the Plains is a one-of-a-kind cycling event, celebrating the agricultural roots and frontier heritage of Colorado’s Eastern Plains. Described by the Governor as “a ride for the rest of us,” the event engages riders of all abilities. The 2015 tour will hit northeastern Colorado and highlight three unique communities in Julesburg, Holyoke, and Sterling.

A lot of the tech stuff will be posted on this blog, but I will also be posting to, on Twitter @bwwilliams and on facebook at So, if you can’t join us for the ride, be sure to check in!

Brandon Williams
Director of Google Operations, OIT
On Twitter at @bwwilliams

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