Friday, March 18, 2016

#StateofCO pride: Voting open for StateScoop 50 awards

The StateScoop 50 Awards honor the best and brightest in the nation who are making state government more efficient and effective through information technology. So obviously, we think Colorado deserves kudos (because seriously this state dominates “top 10” lists...).

We invite you to read the nominations from Colorado and then to vote for these really, really, really awesome people and projects. Voting is open until April 15, so let’s show some Colorado pride!

Please vote now for Colorado’s very worthy entries in this year’s competition (you can vote more than once, and all you have to do is click twice!).

Golden Gov Category
Suma Nallapati, CIO & Secretary of Technology, OIT

Suma Nallapati has intuitively responded to the service delivery needs of Colorado's agencies. She set a clear ”back to basics” agenda for the IT team while increasing transparency for executive branch agencies with a customer dashboard called ”OneView,” from which they can track projects, budgets, security, resources, and personnel. Suma’s new focus on major incident/change management has translated into an 89% decrease in failed changes and a 130% increase in compliance -- in just one year.

Find and vote for Suma Nallapati >>

State Leadership Category
Barbara Brohl, Executive Director, Colorado Dept. of Revenue

Barbara Brohl has made immense contributions to IT policy and practice by inspiring the elevation of crucial systems critical for Colorado's nearly 5 million residents. Leveraging her 15 years in private sector IT, Barbara immediately implemented better IT business. Within six months she identified the need for a program management office and robust project management processes. This office now has a director and five project managers, ensuring ownership and governance on all projects.

Find and vote for Barbara Brohl >>

State IT Project of the Year Category
Colorado Division of Youth Corrections Computer Labs

OIT took over the responsibility for the computer labs in 10 youth facilities within the Colo. Division of Youth Corrections. OIT made upgrades to meet state and national security requirements and modernized the tech -- including the design of a secure and standardized desktop delivery of education. This new model is receiving national attention for its efficiency and the ability for youth to immediately pick up where their education left off as they move across facilities.

Find and vote for this project >>

Innovation of the Year Category
Colorado Universal Application

In 2010 Colorado determined that many families searching for services to support their young children needed a more effective way to learn about and apply for care. The past process required multiple applications, often with redundant questions, submitted to multiple state and local entities. Colorado launched the Universal Application to create a single point of entry for families, empowering them to screen for services and apply online through a single app. This initiative is more intuitive for families, and will enable partners to better coordinate.

Find and vote for this project >>

State Up & Comer Category
Ryan Nisogi, Digital Marketing Director, State of Colorado

Ryan Nisogi is a creative geek passionate about finding innovative​ tech ​solutions​, ​improving UX​, and driving measurable digital strategy​. An example of his impact at Governor John Hickenlooper's office is the migration and redesign of the Governor's website. Ryan collaborated to create a custom site outside the state’s standard with ​enhanced accessibility (ex: a font for dyslexic readers)​ and search​. This responsive site provides easier access and is now the ​potential ​model for state websites.

Find and vote for Ryan Nisogi >>

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