Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Walk & Talk expansion: Your turn!

We recently had a chance to talk with Jake Williams (@JakeWilliamsDC) at StateScoop and are teaming up to relay some of our Walk & Talks on their channels.

In talking with Jake, it was clear that we're all pushing in the same direction, with the same questions, with curiosities and desires to know more about not only WHAT our colleagues across government in IT/govtech are doing, but also WHO they are. We hope to use some of these new tools and videos to create opportunities to encourage others to go low-band and pick up a phone or take a walk to interview their own colleagues. Selfishly, I am also super curious to find out how others are pursuing the "making it better than we found it" government life. And instead of sitting and watching canned presentations I want to learn about the day-to-day efforts.

In this week's episode, I catch up with our OIT Chief Communications Officer, Tauna Lockhart. Tauna heads up team of five comms staff that do everything from press releases, internal comms, audio/video support, reports, web and content design and more.

Additionally, Tauna is also engaged in a growing project we have here in Colorado with CareerWise Colorado. CareerWise's mission is to create opportunities for youth and businesses across Colorado by developing and supporting an innovative, sustainable youth apprenticeship program. We have had, on our Google Team here at OIT, an opportunity to work closely with STEM students and are in our third year of hosting high schoolers as interns with our team. I benefited from mentors and opportunities I was given by people who cared enough to help guide me, and I am energized to see us working to making that a norm for more and more students in Colorado for public service pathways.

Look for our Walk & Talks on StateScoop soon, and get ready to submit your own!

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