Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Northwest Colorado is Getting Across the Divide

Today's blog comes from Anthony (Tony) Neal-Graves, the executive director of the Colorado Broadband Office. Tony is responsible for driving the state’s broadband strategy and utilizing public and private sector relationships in communities across the state to support broadband expansion.

I took a four day, whirl-wind tour of the northwest corner of the state hosted by the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG). I visited 9 counties and 5 towns meeting with the local leadership to gain insight and provide support to the planning and projects they have underway to solve rural broadband access. Each municipality and county is at a different point on the continuum of broadband development but what is common among all is the passion and focus to bring high quality, affordable broadband to the citizens in their community. It is viewed as key to being able to participate in the state, national, and global economy in this century.

While every meeting was invaluable in providing insight to the solutions that are required in each community, two stops stood out in my mind as unique: Meeker in Rio Blanco county and Red Cliff in Eagle county. By now most are aware of the success of the public-private partnership in Rio Blanco County led by Blake Mobley, IT Director. Through a combination of fiber and fixed wireless, the county will provide broadband performance that would challenge the services in any place in the US. More significantly, the county has built the infrastructure with forethought to be prepared for future needs of the community.

Red Cliff, a former mining community in Eagle County with a population of 390, has endured years of no internet service beyond a single T-1 line at 1.5Mbps; in other words, no internet. This fall, the entire community will have access to high quality internet for the first time as result of a public-private partnership. Mayor Anuschka Bales has been a leader in driving the project and we all look forward to celebrating Red Cliff jumping across the digital divide!

These two projects were made possible through the collaboration between local governments, the Department of Local Affairs, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and the private sector. It is proof of what partnerships can achieve.

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