Thursday, June 30, 2016

I love working in government

“I love working in government because it’s a place where you can actually make change. Our challenges are big. There are things like emergency response, wildfire, diabetes, counter tobacco outreach. These are issues that can’t be solved within 90 days.”

Brandon Williams is the Director of Google Operations for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology. This means that he and his team are responsible for supporting nearly 30,000 Colorado state employees using Google Apps for Government, a pretty exciting work order.

Brandon’s passion for his job is no secret. Everyone he works alongside is witness to it, and his energy is contagious. Folks outside Colorado have taken notice as well, and recently BetterCloud Monitor did a video focus piece on Brandon’s work in government, and how he and the State of Colorado have transformed the way people work. He shares with them his story of using Google Apps to redefine emergency communications, and how he leveraged shadow IT to empower thousands of employees.

Watch the video now, and get inspired to elevate your career, volunteer work, and any other way you choose to pay it forward. There are also three additional videos highlighting specific parts of Brandon’s work: Evaluating Third-Party Apps and Helping Employees Do Their Jobs Better, Working with Users to Design Long Term Solutions that Scale, and Successful Strategies for Improving User Adoption of New Technologies.

Want to hear from from Brandon? Check out last year’s guest blog on shadow IT.