Thursday, July 21, 2016

Coverage for all! Broadband expansion in Colorado

Today, 65 percent of rural Coloradans have access to broadband internet services. Historically viewed as a luxury, broadband access has recently become an essential service for all Americans -- and a huge priority for Governor John Hickenlooper and the State of Colorado. The Governor's Office of Information Technology coordinates broadband development efforts throughout the state with the goal of bringing broadband service to all Coloradans.

To get this big job done, OIT leads numerous efforts aimed at improving our broadband environment in Colorado. These efforts range from the grassroots efforts of the Local Technology Planning Teams (or “LTPTs”) to the creation of a Broadband working group in the Governor’s Cabinet -- working closely with state agencies to coordinate all broadband efforts into a comprehensive strategy.

The broadband team’s newest project is the development of the statewide Broadband Planning Map -- a database and map that will provide a comprehensive view of broadband infrastructure from public and private sources as well as Community Anchor Institutions (CAI) across the state. This information will enable local, regional, and state groups to identify infrastructure gaps and potential resources for broadband implementation projects; and it will support statewide strategies relating to E-Rate, healthcare and FirstNet.

This map is critical to achieving 100 percent broadband coverage in Colorado: The data will fill the informational gaps and inform a more comprehensive statewide strategy. It will support and enhance our current efforts and enable Colorado to become a leader of broadband development in our nation.

As part of this new effort, the OIT broadband team has just released a data request for broadband infrastructure data from local jurisdictions and other public entities. Check out the data request here.

To learn more about our new Broadband Planning Map and all of the statewide broadband efforts, visit the Colorado Broadband Portal at

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