Friday, October 11, 2019

CIO Theresa Talks: Hello tech leaders, do you want to work together?

After a full career in information technology ranging from engineer, product manager, management consultant, author, speaker, high tech entrepreneur, and board member, I wanted to make more of a difference. Contributions and connections bring meaning to my life.

So I asked myself, "Could a tour of service in government work for me? Should I run for office or what?"

Then opportunity knocked. I heard newly elected Governor-elect Polis on the radio asking people to apply for his Cabinet positions. So I did. Six weeks later, I was pleased to be appointed as the State of Colorado Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). WOW! The perfect match, this position leverages all of my experience and delivers phenomenal opportunities to make a difference in an innovative, forward-looking environment.

OIT busted my myths. 

Prior to jumping in, I held some stereotypes of bureaucracy and slow-moving government operations. I was wrong. I found a fast-paced, full-service enterprise provider of information technology and communications services with nearly 1,000 IT and support professionals who serve more than 31,000 state employees in 17 executive branch agencies. Our work ranges from keeping systems operating, information flowing, applications running, and technology advancing, securely. We power state government and serve Colorado's counties, residents, businesses, and visitors. Our passionate purpose is customer delight.

Have you asked that question? What brings meaning to your life? Could a tour of service in government also provide you a way to leverage your talents, give back, provide meaning, and have some fun? We are looking for a visionary Chief Technology Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and other talent. Check out the OIT job opportunities here and spread the word. Let’s find a way to work together.

Opportunity is knocking.

Today's blog comes from OIT Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, Dr. Theresa M. Szczurek